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Everything was pretty straightforward for Sarah until the age of 34. Happily married with a beautiful girl and pregnant with her son, she was healthy, fit and enjoying her pregnancy. She couldn't have asked for more.


In February 2000 she noticed some weakness in her left arm along with slurred speech. Sarah was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) in April 2000. Her world was shattered. Her marriage collapsed as she became progressively disabled. She couldn't care for her children or herself and spiralled into deep depression. Sarah's now a divorced, disabled parent who is totally dependent on carers for everything. She never expected her life to change so tragically and it took years to see anything positive about her situation.


Sarah pulled herself up from rock bottom and believes there is always hope in every situation. The first step was attending her local Marie Curie hospice in April 2001. She received treatment for depression from Dr Adrian Tookman, who saved her many times. Sarah then started a new life... 


She started writing her memoir in 2005 using E Z Keys software with a chin switch. Sarah's now using Tobii Dynavox eyegaze software, started to paint with it in 2012, and is now a world renowned eyegaze artist. She is the London Jewish News Community Hero 2010, The Third Sector Volunteer of the Year 2016 and a patron of Lifelites. Sarah is in the MND Association's first broadcast advert 'Sarah's Story' and Co-Chair of the NW London MND branch.


Approximately 5,000 people have this devastating illness in the UK and 5 people die from it every day. Sarah's aim is to continue to raise awareness of MND until a cure is found.

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